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Vip Experience

Magic Circle seat including show booklet, magical surprise, and memory box.

Meet & Greet

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Meet & Greet with FabFox including a souvenir photo and a signed tour poster.

About the show

The Fabulous Tour promises a spectacular show experience. You’ll dive into the world of magic and illusions, experiencing moments you won’t soon forget. You’ll be part of a journey through time, both to the past and to the future, but don’t worry, you’ll remain the same person. The show not only brings magic and illusions together but also combines acrobatics with pyrotechnics. One act that always keeps the audience on the edge of their seats is the escape artistry performed over 10 meters high. Will Fab manage to free himself, or will his failure have serious consequences for a volunteer from the audience?

Fab achieves something humanity has dreamed of from the beginning and continues to dream of: teleportation. Be there when Fab Fox makes people disappear on stage and reappear in another location.


from the show

Behind the scenes

Austria’s biggest magic show


The magic show lasts a total of 120 minutes, with a 20-minute break after the first hour.

In general, the world of magic is accessible to all age groups, but we recommend a minimum age of 4 years.

Magic and illusions of the new generation. Fab Fox offers a spectacular and fascinating show experience: You’ve never experienced magic like this! Live teleportations, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, penetrating a steel wall, and much more – prepare yourself for breathtaking illusions.

Of course, inclusion is a special concern for us because: everyone is welcome! Contact us directly here (XX) for tickets, and the team will get back to you.

No, due to copyright reasons, taking photos or videos during the entire show is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized actions will result in being removed from the hall.

No. Please note that bringing and consuming outside drinks and food in the event hall is not allowed.

Yes, the option is available! Fab offers a strictly limited number of exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes Tickets’. With the purchase of these tickets, you have the opportunity to meet Fab personally before the show, take photos, get autographs, and furthermore, you’ll receive a backstage tour. Also included is a non-purchasable merchandise item. -> Here you can buy the ticket! (NOTE: This ticket is an additional ticket and does NOT replace the ticket for the show)

Otherwise, there is an opportunity for all fans to take a photo with Fab Fox after each show.

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